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The Studio is focused and dedicated to help you tackle your fitness goals and then some through a great boxing experience along with other exercises that deliver results and keeps you on your toes in a fun and friendly environment. Our action packed workouts help you to blow off some steam and lose those unwanted calories in the process.


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Circuit Boxing

Mixed fitness focused on strength, speed and endurance

Monday 6:15pm, 7:15pm | Wednesday 6:15pm, 7:15pm | Saturday 9:30am


Cardio Boxing

Traditional boxing techniques mixed with intense cardio and plyometric movements

Tuesday 6:15pm, 7:15pm | Thursday 6:15pm, 7:15pm 

Meet our Staff


Josh Simonis


Josh is the owner and founder of the Studio. He received his USAW certification in 2013, and has worked with thousands of athletes and clients who are focused on a healthy lifestyle. Josh has worked with several professional and college athletes in his career. He is a personal trainer and also teaches group classes. He also coaches baseball at Wayne State University, where he earned his Masters in Sports Administration in 2019. He played college baseball as he earned his Bachelors in Sports Management from Rochester College in 2014.


Matthew Fenech


Matt joined the Studio staff in 2016. He has been working in the sports and athletic fitness industry for since 2013, specializing with baseball and football players. He is a personal trainer and also a group trainer for clients of all ages. Matt has a passion for helping others whether that is inside or outside of the gym. Matt has volunteered at Fish and Loaves Food Pantry, and has also been a part of the TEFAP Food Assistance Program. While attending Rochester College, Matt played varsity baseball for 4 years as he earned his Bachelors of Science in Health Sciences in 2015. He also coaches baseball at Oakland University. He has also earned his USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Certification and the NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) Certification. Matt brings out the best in his clients during his workouts, challenging you each and every day.


Cassandra Shoneck


Cassandra joined on with the Studio in January of 2018.  She's a newer face for us, but has been a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM since 2013.  She specializes in Olympic Weightlifting, fat loss, and general strength and conditioning programs for her clients.  Cassandra also holds a CrossFit L1 (2013), USAW L1 (2015), USAW L2 (2018) and Precision Nutrition Pn1 (2015).  After going through a physical and lifestyle transformation herself, Cassandra's passion is in helping others realize their full potential in life through fitness and nutrition.  She loves showing people how strong they truly are and loves the constant challenge that comes with working with those of all fitness levels and backgrounds.


Lauren Kayser

Yoga Instructor

Lauren is a RYT200 who trained at Updog Studio in Rochester, MI. She also earned a Bachelors of Science in Health Sciences from Oakland University in 2016. She has been an athlete since childhood and has coached others for nearly eight years. Whether you are looking for group or private yoga lessons, Lauren is passionate about helping you find your zen!


Sara Schellbach


Sara is an engineer by day and a fitness enthusiast at night bringing several years of boxing and fitness instruction to the table. She received her Level 1 and 2 boxing certification from Box ‘N Burn Academy, co-owned by Tony Jeffries, 2008 Olympic boxing bronze medalist. Sara has also been an ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor and Core De Force certified since 2018. She's currently working towards her nutrition certification and strives towards being a responsible and well-rounded fitness expert. She never does anything half-way and has made fitness the ultimate priority in her life after watching many loved ones suffer.

"Fitness is an absolute, non-negotiable necessity for the mind, body, and soul. Excuses don't burn calories, keep you healthy, support progress, make you feel good, aid in peace of mind or solve problems. Invest in your physical and mental well-being and watch your life change for the better."

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Karen Smith


Karen is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and has been boxing for over 15 years.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Communications from Rochester College, and before becoming a personal trainer, she was a Materials Manager for an electronics contract manufacturer.  After the birth of her son at 40 years “young”, she decided to focus on pursuing her fitness goals. This lead to her desire to assist others in achieving their own goals.  She is currently working on a nutrition and SAQ (Speed, Agility and Quickness) certifications. Karen is enthusiastic about helping you find your best you!
“Strength grows in the moments when you think you can’t go on but you keep going anyway.”



There are few things as rewarding as setting a goal and reaching it. Our team of professional trainers use their years of experience and knowledge to create lasting and rewarding relationships with our members, helping them to set and achieve their fitness goals. Have a look at some of our success stories below.

By January of 2018, I was out of shape and had lost most of my muscle mass. I spent most of my time in bed due to residual chronic pain from 3 major surgeries.  I had little self-confidence and motivation.  I made the decision to try to reclaim my life.  I was looking for someplace that would help me rebuild my confidence and rehabilitate my back.  I knew that joining a large corporate gym would not be the right fit for me.  The Studio Boxing and Fitness was and is the perfect fit for me.

When I first encountered the trainers at The Studio Boxing and Fitness, they listened compassionately to my story and devised a plan to help me regain my strength and rehabilitate my back.  They were patient with me as I eased back into an active life.  The unique combination of physical therapy, weight training, and boxing has kept me interested to this day.  They are constantly devising new exercises and I never get bored.  Josh, Matt, and Justin have been wonderful to work with, and my workouts are pressure free and at my own pace.  Their constant positive reinforcement encourages me to push myself.  I also have the option of attending as many classes as I want along with my personalized training.

After 5 years stuck in bed, The Studio, and more specifically its trainers, has changed my life in so many positive ways.  My back is stronger, and I no longer have to spend my entire day in bed or miss out on my children’s activities.  I am a better husband and father.  I have lost weight and developed muscle definition.  I have better posture and flexibility.  I am more confident and motivated.  This is all due to the caring, client centered training I have received since I joined The Studio.  I regained my life at The Studio and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in changing their life for the better in new and exciting ways.  I could never fully express my gratitude to Josh, Matt, and Justin for knowledgeable instruction, enthusiasm, and encouragement on my journey back to health.


I used to go to Bad Boy boxing in Royal Oak - which was inexpensive, however, the business was HORRIBLE. After moving to the east side, I've been looking for a boxing place and most of the places I found were $20 a class which was way too much! I found the Groupon for Studio Boxing and fitness and was pleasantly surprised at their prices. I have only been there twice so far and I LOVE IT! Aside from the affordable pricing, the experience they give you is top notch. You can tell that every one of the instructors love what they do and CARE about your results. They take the time to teach new clients and make them as comfortable as possible. I definitely recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a fun way to get a GREAT workout!

- Rebecca

Rebecca Toepel

“Not only does The Studio Boxing and Fitness have all the equipment I need to work out, they also have personal trainers who I trust and respect. Thanks to The Studio Boxing and Fitness, I’m in the best shape of my life.”

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